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Immigration Lawyer Profile
Immigration Lawyer Profile
The Law Office of Kenneth H. Choi is a Los Angeles-based immigration law office serving both individuals and businesses in California and throughout the United States
Why Visa Proattorney Immigration
Why Visa Proattorney Immigration
Our high percentage of immigrant and non-immigrant petition approvals is a direct result of our attention to detail with the ever-changing field of immigration law.
Immigration Consultation
Immigration Consultation
We have helped hundreds of clients across the United States and throughout the world in their immigration and business related legal matters.
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Contact Us
We strive to answer all immigration related inquiries within 24-hour period

The Law Office of Kenneth H. Choi


The Law Office of Kenneth H. Choi is a Los Angeles-based immigration law office serving individuals and businesses in California and throughout the United States.

Immigration laws in the United States are increasingly complex. Let an experienced attorney help you navigate the issues, avoid the pitfalls, and achieve the desired results.

Our high percentage of case approvals is a direct result of our attention to detail in the ever-changing field of immigration law.

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As many have discovered, navigating the world of immigration law is a complicated endeavor. Even worse, quality representation is hard to find.  As a result, many people are confused by the immigration process, paying money with the hope that their lawyer is fighting hard for them. 

My office was established because I believe clients deserve better. Specifically, clients deserve transparency in all aspects of their case; high-quality representation; and access to their attorney at all times. 

The old way of doing business in the field of immigration law is not what we’re interested in. My office makes the process easy for you and we strive to make the process as stress-free and as rewarding as possible.


Most people think immigration lawyers are all the same. THEY ARE NOT!! Kenneth Choi is very unique and personal in dealing with his clients. I received both a green card and citizenship through Ken’s help in a timely manner, along with exceptionally caring service. He keeps you updated about the status of the immigration process and is willing to answer your question anytime. Thank you so much, Ken!!!

Terry K.

I have always found it difficult to navigate the visa application process. But with Attorney Kenneth Choi by my side, I no longer have to deal with those unnecessary stress. He’s one of the most detail-oriented and thorough person I’ve ever met. He is truly the best of the best.

Naco F.S.

I have worked with other lawyers and Ken is definitely at a higher level in terms of results and client service. If you need assistance with something as important as immigration law services, I think it’s critical to find the best representation to guide you through the process…especially with a system and laws that are always changing. I highly recommend this law office and appreciate all their excellent work!


Working with Kenneth was an absolute pleasure. I had an urgent case that other lawyers rejected, yet Kenneth took it on and resolved it with the highest degree of professionalism and efficiency. Kenneth was very communicative, giving me updates on the status, and willing to go the extra step to make sure everything was done properly.

Oliie K.

Kenneth is the best immigration lawyer out there. I highly recommend Kenneth if you have any cases. Kenneth helped me get my E-2 visa all the way from Mongolia.


Kenneth Choi helped my wife with a very difficult case. He explained in detail about her situation and how he was going to help her. He communicated and kept us well informed throughout the process. Because of him, my wife was able to get her green card. Thank you for changing our life. Your professionalism, kindness and care will never be forgotten.

Michael C.

Unlike other immigration lawyers, Kenneth is professional and owned our concerns. While others asked us to wait without proper explanations, Kenneth made sure we understood what was going on and where the process was, and gave us a clever solution to our issue.


Mr. Choi is the most astonishing, professional, expert, but most importantly, a trustworthy attorney.

H. Zone



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